commissioned works

on occasion i have the opportunity to create custom designs.  these works give me a chance to keep things interesting and fresh.  
i have learned that many people like things B.I.G.  these pillow covers are about 24 x 24 inches.  
this is a custom laundry basket created for a customer who is now doing her chores in style... that is inspiring, since i have a pile of laundry waiting for me and i need all the motivation i can get.  
and this basket was created for a woodland wedding, to hold the bride and groom's cards at the reception.  lovely.  


industrial inspiration

we have some works in progress in our garage right now.  maybe some of these will give us a little inspiration to finish {or should i say, get started}...
industrial mine cart table {via interieurs }
vintage industrial moldmakers table {via brandmojointeriors}
refurbished industrial coffee table {via coleblk}
vintage industrial end table {via urbanaccenthome}
cart on wheels {via interieurs }

shop update

sick kids have kept me busy this week as well as a few orders here and there in between.  i am working on another baby gift for a family member.  i will show you how it turns out once it is ready.  
in the meantime, i was able to update my little shop with a few items.  i added a new item.  a vintage wool swiss military basket.
i had this in an art gallery in ohio and thought i would see how it does in the shop.
i also listed a vintage wool swiss cross pillow.  this is a frequently requested item, so we will see how long it lasts.  
and i added the popular extra large coffee sack basket.
happy wednesday.  it is super cold here {for us}, but the sun is shining.  hello sun, it's been a while!


hoop inspiration board

i made a little inspiration board for my mom.  

her birthday was last week and a long with a few other items i sent it away to celebrate... wish i could have fit in the package, too.  
what you need:
  • embroidery hoop 
  • fabric
  • cork tile {you can find them anywhere, usually in the office section}
  • marker
  • knife
  • scissors 
  • hot glue gun
what you do:
1.  place the hoop over the cork tile, trace a line on the inside circle of the hoop, and cut along the line.
2.  glue the cork inside the circle with the hot glue
3.  place the fabric over the inside circle and stretch over the cork circle, secure with the outside hoop.  
4.  cut excess fabric around the edges and glue down to the back of the cork
5.  mount on a wall with a nail and hang or prop against the wall
where do you collect all the things that inspire you, such as notes, cards, photographs?  i think i will make a few more of these for my creative space.  happy monday.


room change up

n has been in his big bed since november.  back when he was much littler, i thought i would go with the sports motif, what many little guys like.  well, of course, n is not as into sports as he is into animals.  he is the biggest animal lover {right now anyway}.  yesterday he said, "mommy, i really care for all animals," in his little two-year old voice.  so i needed to come up with a different game plan for the change over from his nursery to his 'good boy' room {as he calls it}.  out with the sports and in with the animals.  i like to keep things simple and inexpensive.  
i decided to go with simple animal images using stencils.  
materials used: 
  • stencil paper
  • sharp detailing knife
  • acrylic paint
  • foam pouncing brush
  • stretched canvas 
  • artist paper
i used various animal silhouettes and cut out each on the stencil paper.  
instead of buying more, i decided to use the existing hooks and just cover them with the new pictures.  
just pounce over the stencil.  you can leave some brush strokes or lay it on thick, what ever your style.  you could also use multiple colors and layer, but i wanted simple lines and images.
there is still room to add a few things on his wall, but for now he loves it.  
i also painted a large letter n on a larger canvas for another space in his room in his favorite color.  we placed it by the chair i refinished for his future desk area.
adding a few new and old items to his shelves makes a cute area for storage.  
the letter n again along with a few other keepsakes.
n loves his 'good boy' room, complete with his big bed and all his animals.  there is lots of room to grow around here.


it is my turn

blog it forward.  a hip circle of bloggers, passing it back and passing it on, a blog olympics of sorts.  three hundred bloggers were on board to talk, link, show, and open up about all things inspiring.  this mash up was organized by the brave sfgirlbybay, aka victoria smith.  she is based out of one of my most inspiring cities by the bay, san francisco.  blogging it back in my wave, you will find bricolage and butter, a team of sisters who blog together about blog finds, quilts, fabric, etc.

so what inspires me?  that is a loaded question.  i am always coming across things that i find inspiring.
words. typography. art, of all kinds, however if i filled my house with all the letterpress art i like, it would be like living in the self-help section at the tattered cover.
{via hijirik}
{via b dunlap and a cup of jo}
etsy . there is such a variety of people and talents, artist and designers.  independent artists, true independent artists {the ones who do everything, even without the use of an assistant}.  those who take their work further {i.e., using organic materials, upcycling, recycling, redefining}. sellers of vintage finds.
{via reiter8 }
 {via whimsy&spice }
twitter. i am new, but i have found quick links to serious design inspiration and have met some brilliant people along the way.  i happened upon greedy girl, design crushing, and green couch design, all who are just around the corner.  
the web.  where do i start?  i have come across loads of inspiration...  women who are real, talk about it, and make me think about it.
{via modish }
vintage, mid century modern design, diy home improvements and those who blog about it.
i must also add the fact that i am inspired by the simple things in life... 
{via heartfish}
my to do lists.
but most importantly...
over 20 years of friendship.
and the deepest source of my inspiration... my family.  past and present.

this post really got me thinking.  if i had to pick one thing, it would certainly be my family.  
they keep me going.  
what inspires you?  
now to keep this 'blog it forward' mash up going, i must pass the torch onto BROOKLYNrehab, aka alyssa zygmunt.  she is keeping it real from her fashion design to her cool finds made better via her craft.  
check out her blog and her etsy shop and maybe you will find your own inspiration, too.  cheers.  


marinated chicken

you really cannot go wrong with this marinated chicken {or what ever meat you like}.  there isn't a recipe {that's how i roll}, but go forward with confidence and know that this will be fabulous.  
i have listed the ingredients from most to least in terms of quantity needed.  just make sure you cover the meat.  
what you need: 

  • wine or beer or coke
  • soy sauce
  • orange juice
  • honey or brown sugar
  • worcestershire sauce
  • ketchup
  • mustard
  • onion powder
  • garlic cloves or garlic powder
  • salt and pepper

what you do:

  1. salt and pepper each side of the chicken
  2. add a diced clove or two of garlic or a few shakes of powder
  3. sprinkle one side of the chicken with the onion powder
  4. squirt mustard and ketchup over the chicken {about the amount you would put on a burger per chicken breast}
  5. add a couple tablespoons of worcestershire sauce
  6. poor a bit of honey or brown sugar over each breast
  7. poor on some orange juice {maybe a half cup}
  8. drench the chicken in soy sauce and wine {or beer or even coke}
it will look like this.  cover and keep in your fridge at least a couple of hours or over night.  
i use this for grilled, baked, kabobs, or stir fry chicken.  it is always a hit.  depending on your taste, you can make it more asian or more bbq'ish.  
have fun!
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