it is my turn

blog it forward.  a hip circle of bloggers, passing it back and passing it on, a blog olympics of sorts.  three hundred bloggers were on board to talk, link, show, and open up about all things inspiring.  this mash up was organized by the brave sfgirlbybay, aka victoria smith.  she is based out of one of my most inspiring cities by the bay, san francisco.  blogging it back in my wave, you will find bricolage and butter, a team of sisters who blog together about blog finds, quilts, fabric, etc.

so what inspires me?  that is a loaded question.  i am always coming across things that i find inspiring.
words. typography. art, of all kinds, however if i filled my house with all the letterpress art i like, it would be like living in the self-help section at the tattered cover.
{via hijirik}
{via b dunlap and a cup of jo}
etsy . there is such a variety of people and talents, artist and designers.  independent artists, true independent artists {the ones who do everything, even without the use of an assistant}.  those who take their work further {i.e., using organic materials, upcycling, recycling, redefining}. sellers of vintage finds.
{via reiter8 }
 {via whimsy&spice }
twitter. i am new, but i have found quick links to serious design inspiration and have met some brilliant people along the way.  i happened upon greedy girl, design crushing, and green couch design, all who are just around the corner.  
the web.  where do i start?  i have come across loads of inspiration...  women who are real, talk about it, and make me think about it.
{via modish }
vintage, mid century modern design, diy home improvements and those who blog about it.
i must also add the fact that i am inspired by the simple things in life... 
{via heartfish}
my to do lists.
but most importantly...
over 20 years of friendship.
and the deepest source of my inspiration... my family.  past and present.

this post really got me thinking.  if i had to pick one thing, it would certainly be my family.  
they keep me going.  
what inspires you?  
now to keep this 'blog it forward' mash up going, i must pass the torch onto BROOKLYNrehab, aka alyssa zygmunt.  she is keeping it real from her fashion design to her cool finds made better via her craft.  
check out her blog and her etsy shop and maybe you will find your own inspiration, too.  cheers.  


Wende said...

What a lovely list. I adore the photo of your family at the bottom---Bravo!!

Alyssa Zygmunt said...

wow! what a great post!!!
thanks for such a lovely introduction,
i'm thrilled to be part of this and can't wait to post tomorrow.


Hijiri said...

omg, thank you so much for including my images -- what an honor!!! Lovely inspirations, beautiful images, thank you so much for sharing, it inspires me, too!!!

reiter8 said...

Wow. I was absolutely thrilled to see one of my creations as part of this lovely entry. Your comments and chosen images are beautifully inspirational.

Thank you!

artyowza said...

i love the textures of your work and also your children's crafts!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

nice post, thanks for sharing your inspirations

SonyaMac said...

I love all the images of family, new, old and in between...

Marisa Midori said...

I love that old black and white photo of the couple! Lots of great inspiration, thanks for sharing!

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