got stock?

slowly stocking the shelves... 
did you realize *the holidays* are just around the corner?  
am I ready, you ask?  nope.  but I have a few things up my sleeve.


merchandising for the season

The merchandiser in me said I needed to get spooky with my Etsy shop...  
I have always loved orange, so Halloween and Autumn are easy seasons to Fall into.


toot my horn

I was checking in on my shop and happily admiring my new post on Etsy (you know the Halloween basket) when I suddenly noticed how many hits my little basket already had in one day!  Usually one new item will see a dozen hits on a good day, but it jumped from ten to over 200 in a matter of a few minutes!  I thought something must be up... 
It must be featured somewhere!  I checked it out and there it was, on the front page.
Here she is in her 15 minutes of fame...  
it's the one next to the barbed wire necklace {wink}


Happy Fall

Like I have said, this is my favorite season...   
Even my baskets are dressing up for Halloween.
It was time to get in the spirit of things.  



I had a special request to work on.  Now they are on their way to Hawaii... 
do you think I can fit in the mail with them, too?  
It has been a while since I made a large basket and I was reminded how much I love this size.  
I think I will make more for the shop and for home.  
Happy Monday.


kitchen look

View from my kitchen...
I have not always been one for display, however one of my bachelor's is in merchandising, 
so I think it is a habit or some subconscious thing.  
Not sure if I'm feelin' it, but I like the "things" above my refrigerator.  The rooster was my Nanny's and the lemons remind me of both my Nanny and Grandma.  The bottles of wine in the basket remind me of... ah'hem, my mom and my hubby's mom.  And the big poppy is just so bright and fun, I couldn't resist.  


flower pillows, ruffle pillows

Some of my new favorite things...
I have been busy making a few interior changes here and there.  Behind the new linen ruffle is the new cover.  It's a fresh change.  
I loved my new linen ruffle pillow covers so much, I just had to share.  We will see how they will do in my Etsy shop.  Wish them luck!  


creative space

I have a little creative studio space to do my thing... everyone needs a little inspiration.  I wanted this crate because of the charm of vintage, but mostly because of the symbol on the side.  It is very similar to my family crest (on my dad's side).  
I use it for my fabric stash.  
I also have a bowling pin.  It reminds me of my grandfather who was a fantastic bowler.  
Next to the pin is my Nanny's Kewpie doll. Isn't she cute?!  
Happy Monday.



I love Ikea...  we took a detour on our road trip for a little shopping.  
Now I just need to figure out how to make their apple cake.  Yum.


time with friends

We went on a weekend road trip and took in a few sites of San Antonio, TX... 
home of my best friend, compadre of roughly 30 years.  Enjoy the view with us.


baby love

My best friend is having a baby girl in October.  We are headed to TX for the weekend to hand deliver a little gift...

My new favorite baby gift...  diaper caddy basket by SaraBear

 Filled with handmade burp cloths {rolled up and presented so cute} and a few extra essentials...
(wipes pop-up container, lots of diapers, lotions, and the like}. Handy, right at her finger tips. 

I can't wait to hold the little sweet.  I hope you love it, Erin.  
Happy Weekend...xo!


feeling domestic

Oh yes, I am.  I feel like making my family something yummy... after they eat their dinner and veggies of course!  
You can, too.  DIY...

you simply need the following:
* pie dough (homemade or store bought)
* pie filling (I opted for homemade, but you know the drill)
* cinnamon sugar (you know, the kind you keep on hand for the toast) {wink}

cut rounds of the pie dough
dampen the edges with water
fill with filling
fold, crimp, and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar
back at 425 for about 10 or less minutes on a cookie sheet

Ta-dah... serve with a bit of vanilla ice cream... 1 and 2 will love it.
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