we had a lovely thanksgiving holiday with family...


the season is upon us

just a quick note.... i am swamped.  family arrives tomorrow {yipee, we cannot wait}, i have orders to get in the mail {thank you to my lovelies}, and i really want to clean {did i just say that?!}...  i went a little haywire with a few new seasonal designs for my shop.  i was trying to stay up on a little extra stock for holiday shopping, but people keep buying it {thank you, thank you} and i guess that was the point, right?  here is a glimpse.

happy weekend.
ps - i love you etsy.


simple holidays

 i love to craft during the holidays.  here are a few ideas...

all you need is a can {let us try to recycle}, scrap booking paper or other repurposed papers, glue, a ribbon, and a button or other embellishments.

  1. measure the paper just slightly taller and longer
  2. glue the can and the paper
  3. smooth the paper to the can and make sure there are no bubbles
  4. fold the top of the paper over the top lip of the can for a more finished look
  5. glue a ribbon and button around the can to embellish 
  6. toss in a handful of treats and give it away

here are a few ornaments we made with the same concept.
  1. kraft paper ornaments or an old ugly ornament you would rather cover
  2. scrap book paper, cut to fit
  3. glued and sanded around the edges to give it a more worn or vintage look
  4. then glitter mod podged to seal   

next, i am on to fabric.
what will you create this season?

bowl or basket... a question

this little guy is so cozy... i have new designs i will share along the way, too.



♻  wool eco-chic pillow covers -handmade by me... i {heart} them.  ♻

these ultra-cozy, wool pillow covers are made from an upcycled, repurposed vintage 1940's to 1960's military issue swiss blanket and a vintage 1950's italian military issue blanket. 
love the eco-chic, green living, earth friendly nature. straight up cozy.  


happy 11.11

this recipe seriously takes a total of about 11 minutes... enjoy.  
this is the easy, low-fat version... just my style.  

chicken cobbler

1 1/2 cups heart smart bisquick 
1/2 cup skim milk
1/2 cup parmesan cheese 
1 teaspoon onion powder
mix together, kneed a few times, roll to 1/2" thickness and cut with round cutter.

2 cans of homemade-style chicken noodle soup
1/2 cup skim milk
2 tablespoons flour, mixed in with the milk

combine soup, milk and flour.  bring to a boil then divide into large / individually sized ramekin bowls.  top each with the round biscuit.  cook in 450 oven for about 10 minutes, until biscuit is golden brown.  


kids diy

i am really not sure what i think about this centerpiece, but it was easy and the kids did it all themselves.

 we had a few small pumpkins sadly lying about from halloween and the leaves are falling like crazy.
we also have a box full of pine cones from wyoming.

add it all together and we have an autumn container.

what fall projects are keeping little hands busy at your house?  happy monday...



these marshmallows are so pretty.  can you imagine this little goodie arriving as a holiday gift?  light and fluffy, ready for a cold night, snuggled by the fire.  perfectly priced, too... i don't even have the urge to try this at home.



i wish i had a wood shop...
instead, i will settle for this beautiful piece from Firewood Furniture.



i am not a good houseplant keeper, but i might give it another try... this looks so simple and pretty.

this puts me in the mood for a little sushi and miso soup.

both likes by Pigeon Toe Ceramics.


kind of love this look lately... this one by J. Crew

this one by Lirola.


happy 100...

what a better way to celebrate my 100th post than to show you a few customer appreciation photos.  just in time, i got both of these today...

the black swiss cross coffee sack pillow cover looks like it is right at home.  what a fabulous space.

this is a custom coffee sack basket with my customer's name for her halloween party favors.
seeing my work at their final destinations was great.
making my customers happy = happy me.  thanks guys!
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