the season is upon us

just a quick note.... i am swamped.  family arrives tomorrow {yipee, we cannot wait}, i have orders to get in the mail {thank you to my lovelies}, and i really want to clean {did i just say that?!}...  i went a little haywire with a few new seasonal designs for my shop.  i was trying to stay up on a little extra stock for holiday shopping, but people keep buying it {thank you, thank you} and i guess that was the point, right?  here is a glimpse.

happy weekend.
ps - i love you etsy.

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The Cubs Cuties said...

J...it makes me so sad I haven't chatted w/ you lately. But looks as though you've been quite the busy little beaver! LOVE everything holiday, as I expected I would! God has blessed you with so many gifts, J. From talents, to mommy, to family, etc. Proud to be a friend and super-fan! Heart ya!

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