8 years

It's been an amazing 8 year with Mr. Wonderful.  Eight years, two babies, 6 moves, 4 states, and two houses.  I love him.  He loves me.  Good thing because today we will spend 13 hours in the car with our two toddlers!  Isn't it grand?!  
We're off for a family holiday out West... see you soon.


Curling Ribbon

B is always loves the cute hair ribbons in the stores.  I hate spending $$ on that sort of thing.  So, I make it.  Did you know you can curl your own fabric ribbons?  
We tried it out over the 4th.  
Wet the ribbon with water.  Wrap around a dowel or chop stick (in my case).  Bake at 200 degrees until dry (about 10 minutes).  Unwrap and fluff!  

Thanks Dad...

...for making my house brighter!  
A few months ago we removed a bank of cabinets above our kitchen peninsula to open up the space between the kitchen and family room.  
A few weeks ago my dad came out and installed recessed lighting.  Love it!

I've been...

busy as a bee... thank Goodness for vacations!

Nature walk

Hot Summer... Nature Walks... Look Close.


We have been

busy little bees...  
We decided to tackle painting all the trim, crown molding, and cabinets in our 80's built house.  This was a BIG job, considering we are out here on our own (without our parents or babysitters for that matter).  All our projects are done in the wee hours of the night while the kids are sleeping or if they happen to take a nap.  
Here's a glimpse of the job that seemed to take FOREVER to finish...
Staircase and Entry BEFORE
Staircase and Entry AFTER

Cabinets (bathrooms, kitchen, and family room) BEFORE
Cabinets (bathrooms, kitchen, and family room) AFTER
Window sills (all 17) BEFORE 
Window sills AFTER
Crown molding BEFORE
Crown molding AFTER
It ended up being MONTHS of work, but it looks so much better and brighter.  
We love the results.
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