We have been

busy little bees...  
We decided to tackle painting all the trim, crown molding, and cabinets in our 80's built house.  This was a BIG job, considering we are out here on our own (without our parents or babysitters for that matter).  All our projects are done in the wee hours of the night while the kids are sleeping or if they happen to take a nap.  
Here's a glimpse of the job that seemed to take FOREVER to finish...
Staircase and Entry BEFORE
Staircase and Entry AFTER

Cabinets (bathrooms, kitchen, and family room) BEFORE
Cabinets (bathrooms, kitchen, and family room) AFTER
Window sills (all 17) BEFORE 
Window sills AFTER
Crown molding BEFORE
Crown molding AFTER
It ended up being MONTHS of work, but it looks so much better and brighter.  
We love the results.


Rachael said...

Wow!!! I'm sure that was a TON of work but it looks awesome and updated. You did a great job. Not only will it look so much better for you but if ever the time comes to sell it will add a lot of value. Great job!!

linknblogs said...

What a transformation! You all did a beautiful job with the painting. I love the look of natural stained wood, but sometimes it can make a house a little dated. The bright white you all used really has reinvigorated things giving them a clean updated look. I also love how the white has made the crown molding "pop" and probably added height to your ceilings. Great work! I hope you all are getting enough sleep too! No babysitters!

l.bell said...

amazing! i love transforming old houses to fit personal styles...some of the best memories i have is helping my parents re-do the hardwood floors in our old, 4 story, philadelphia home! :) yay for you!!

Jody Cooper Photography said...

I love your work!! Very Nice Jody! :) When i get a house, I need to hire you

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