coffee sack skirt

at the request of my coffee sack man... i designed and created this burlap skirt...
it was a gift for a local coffee house owner.
lined in linen.  kind of lovely and fun.  i hope she likes it.

likes :: bookhou

a few likes from bookhou.  and this is only from their wood collection.  wow.
this would be beautiful on any nursery wall.
this would be amazing in an adult version, however i love that the felt is removable.  
this reminds me of a sculpture i had growing up.  
so simple and packed with style. 


we luv u

i have been out.  way out, lately.  sorry if you missed me.  we have been busy renovating our house and enjoying time with family {which is quite rare for us, so we really enjoyed ourselves while it lasted}.  
father's day was a ball.  we did the usual bbq thing with our friends, which have become our family.  
what's not to love... fabulous friends, fresh summer food, drinks and a dash to the pool.
happy summer.


Folded :: The Origami Collection

The project Folded :: The Origami Collection with Hijiri from Heart Fish and Jack + Jen is finally seeing some real results.  
I am always looking for something new to create and design, this was a fun collaboration across the country.  With summer kicking off and so many things on my on-growing to-do list, I decided to keep it simple.  
I took this opportunity to create some new images for my baskets.  I just love how they turned out.  I especially love the crane, which is always close to my heart... it reminds me of my grandmother, who I grew up with and my wedding {we folded 1,001 paper cranes}.  
I did tackle some actual origami to get into the spirit of things and it was fun to try some new folds I have never done before.  I folded origami growing up, however I had never made something like this.  My inspiration post showed a lot of flowers, so I decided to go with it.  
I can't wait to make more.  
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