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life has been a bit out of our control lately and sometimes a little distraction and inspiration is needed.  
beginning at twitter since discovering origami jewelry {i love the crane, it reminds me of my wedding and my grandmother.  we folded 1,001 paper cranes in honor of my grandma and for good luck}.  jack + jenn, hijiri from heart fish and i started a project together. 
we all continued in our own discoveries and shared links here and there…it all snowballed from there.  
now we are all using this as our platform to design something new through our own medium and at the end of the process we will be exchanging and linking back and forth to each other to share with you. 
Today is the first day, a starting point of sorts, for our “folded :: the origami collection” — today we are simply sharing our inspirations.  brilliant for spring {which officially starts this weekend} we are finding inspiration through various flowers.   
i simply love cherry blossoms, especially this time of year.  
tune in and see what we all come up with.  in the mean time, check out jack + jenn's blog and etsy shop, as well as hijiri's blog, heart fish and etsy shop.

1 comment:

Hijiri said...

oh wow, I would love to see your wedding photos - 1001 paper cranes! wow.

and these are great images, Jody, thank you so much!!

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