we added a little excitement to our house.  
please say hello to poppy.  

 she is recycled {or i should say, upcycled}, used, or as everyone else says, rescued.  
so far, so sweet.  welcome home poppy.


mrs. olson said...

She is so cute!! I love the name poppy!!

Stephanie said...

Great name and what a sweet face!

The Cubs Cuties said...

Poppy it is!! Super cute face, J. How is she? Does she sleep? How old is she? The girls are super pumped to meet her! Woo Hoo to visiting you guys in 19 days!!!!!!!

Hijiri said...

OMG!!! That is so great, Jody!!! She is soooo cute -- have fun with her :)

one sydney road said...

Congrats - and what a cutie!! love her name...looks like she's a lab (or part lab)? we have a yellow lab at home and they're just the sweetest dogs!

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