creative space

I have a little creative studio space to do my thing... everyone needs a little inspiration.  I wanted this crate because of the charm of vintage, but mostly because of the symbol on the side.  It is very similar to my family crest (on my dad's side).  
I use it for my fabric stash.  
I also have a bowling pin.  It reminds me of my grandfather who was a fantastic bowler.  
Next to the pin is my Nanny's Kewpie doll. Isn't she cute?!  
Happy Monday.


Rachael said...

So cute! I love that you added symbolism too.

l.bell said...

i LOVE these colors! what a great idea for organization...your house seems amazing--behind every piece, there's a story! have a great day!!


Whimsy Antiques said...

I believe you just inspired me to make a little studio in my daughter's room who moved into her college apt. I do think that would be the best use of the space. Thanks for all your creative genius ideas!

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