room change up

n has been in his big bed since november.  back when he was much littler, i thought i would go with the sports motif, what many little guys like.  well, of course, n is not as into sports as he is into animals.  he is the biggest animal lover {right now anyway}.  yesterday he said, "mommy, i really care for all animals," in his little two-year old voice.  so i needed to come up with a different game plan for the change over from his nursery to his 'good boy' room {as he calls it}.  out with the sports and in with the animals.  i like to keep things simple and inexpensive.  
i decided to go with simple animal images using stencils.  
materials used: 
  • stencil paper
  • sharp detailing knife
  • acrylic paint
  • foam pouncing brush
  • stretched canvas 
  • artist paper
i used various animal silhouettes and cut out each on the stencil paper.  
instead of buying more, i decided to use the existing hooks and just cover them with the new pictures.  
just pounce over the stencil.  you can leave some brush strokes or lay it on thick, what ever your style.  you could also use multiple colors and layer, but i wanted simple lines and images.
there is still room to add a few things on his wall, but for now he loves it.  
i also painted a large letter n on a larger canvas for another space in his room in his favorite color.  we placed it by the chair i refinished for his future desk area.
adding a few new and old items to his shelves makes a cute area for storage.  
the letter n again along with a few other keepsakes.
n loves his 'good boy' room, complete with his big bed and all his animals.  there is lots of room to grow around here.


mrs. olson said...

super cute!!

The Cubs Cuties said...

LOVE it, J...but I have to be honest...I'm pretty sure I'll love it more...when I see it in...let's see...roughly 56 days... :) :) We're coming the 16th through the 21st...unless you kick us out sooner!! Heart you guys!

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