commissioned works

on occasion i have the opportunity to create custom designs.  these works give me a chance to keep things interesting and fresh.  
i have learned that many people like things B.I.G.  these pillow covers are about 24 x 24 inches.  
this is a custom laundry basket created for a customer who is now doing her chores in style... that is inspiring, since i have a pile of laundry waiting for me and i need all the motivation i can get.  
and this basket was created for a woodland wedding, to hold the bride and groom's cards at the reception.  lovely.  


one sydney road said...

I love your designs...you have a great eye :)!! So simple yet striking and very very cool! I think the cross pillow is stunning. As is the maple leaf bag!

The Cubs Cuties said...

J...doesn't it make you feel so amazing that your authentic creations are touching so many lives from so many different aspects? All jokes aside, the Lord has blessed you with so many talents...one of my favorites being friendship...heart ya!

Hijiri said...

wow, these are all so great!!!!! do you silkscreen them, too??

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