sweet valentines

we have been busy making fun valentines.  
we had the preschool party today.  our little gal gave her friends cupcakes, candy bottles, and cards.  
we gave the teacher the glass bottled candy and the kids the little plastic bottled candy.  
to create these cute little guys...
you need: 
  • little plastic bottles and lids
  • cute paper
  • labels
  • lots of candy
  • self restraint {so not to eat all the candy}
what you do:  
  1. cut the paper to fit around the bottles.
  2. glue or tape the paper around the bottles
  3. print and stick the labels onto each bottle, over the pretty paper
  4. fill each bottle with candies and close each with the lid
happy day... smiles for everyone.


wishful nals said...

so cute! those cupcakes look delicious!

mrs. olson said...

Those are adorable!! I'm sorry to say I copped out and bought treats for Noah's class... BUT I did make them each a super cute outfit for church on Sunday/Valentines day.

We got the basket and I love it!! Thank you so much!!

Lulu said...

oh my goodness these are SO adorable!


The Cubs Cuties said...

When I am as awesome as you, J, I will duplicate all of your ideas... LOVE them!! :)

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