simple valentines

we made these simple valentines for the preschool party.  
what you need:
  • paper tags
  • letter stamps
  • stamping pad
  • buttons
  • glue
  • ribbon

what you do:
  1. stamp each letter
  2. glue a button over the letter o.  
  3. add a ribbon through the hole
  4. write a nice note to your valentine on the back and sign your name. 
sweet and simple.  simple today, sweet tomorrow... tune in then; we are making bottles of candy and cupcakes.  yum.  happy crafting.  what valentines will you make?  

1 comment:

mrs. olson said...

Super cute idea. I'm biting my nails over what to make by tomorrow for Noah's class. Yikes!! We might just do this...if only I had stamps!

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