bottled candy

gearing up for a new year's party?  these are super cute for kids of all ages...
what you need:
  • lots of candy
  • clear bottles and caps
  • paper - scrap book paper or wrapping paper or newsprint, whatever you have {you know the drill}
  • mod podge {of course, this is one of my favorite craft tools}
course of action:
  1. clean and dry all the bottles of their labels and contents {yum}
  2. mod podge a label to each bottle {for a christmas party our label read, wishing you the sweetest christmas}
  3. cut paper to fit the bottle case and mod podge in place, trim
  4. cap each bottle
  5. party
how much fun is this?!  we are doing this for our valentines this year, so tune in then, too!


The Cubs Cuties said...

J...this is so super cute! Where do you even come up with this stuff? And how the heck are ya? Did you have a Merry Christmas? How many times can people actually ask that question, right? Anyway, miss you. Ours was nice. But still miss ya. LOVE this idea. And for Valentine's...super great idea...wonder if it'd work, or be as cute, in plastic bottles for kiddos?? Heart ya.

The Cubs Cuties said...

Oh, and BTW...I love your new (maybe it's not new...my laptop is broken...) page for Brin and Nohl...very cute and classy!!

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