i am like the rest of the world, itching to organize my life and all the things in it, following the drop of the ball each new year.  the thing i can never find, even though i have many, are my scissors.

here is a quick and easy project to jump start your goals to be more neat and orderly.

what you need:

  • jar {glass, aluminum or whatever you have in your recycling bin should work}. 
  • sticky back foam sheets 
  • fabric {optional, if using a glass jar}
  • scissors 
  • washi tape or ribbon {optional} 

what you do:
  1. trace the bottom of the jar to cut two circles of foam and one circle of fabric
  2. stick the foam to the bottom of the jar, stick the other foam circle to the fabric circle and place in the inside bottom of the jar {this keeps it from sliding all around and protects your scissors or other things you toss in}
  3. embellish the rim 

happy weekend.

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