care package

Have you ever been in a situation where you just don't know what to say?  I knew a friend needed a pick-me-up, something to know I cared, a bit of sunshine... I hope it helps.  N painted the birdhouse, we picked out all things sunny, and tossed them into a nest of tissue paper.  On its way to brighten her day.  

little crafty birds

B loves jewelry, so we decided to make our own. 
N liked the feeling of the beads... we'll find beads in our kitchen for the days to come.  


Growing little gardeners

Kids love  digging in the dirt, planting, and watering flowers.  
N will dig all day if we let him.  B loves the pretty flowers and watering them every day.  


life outside

Transplanted all the way from my mom's garden - thriving!  They smell lovely.  Thanks, Mom!


coffee sack totes

New things for my Etsy shop... totes.  I'm not really a purse kind of gal, but these totes are certainly handy.  Upcycled in every way - coffee sacks, recycled buttons, hand braided loops, and lined with remnant canvas in a bold damask print.  

booster seat - covered phonebook

Another upcycling - repurposing project.  How many phone books does one house need?!  We get these delivered to our house all the time.  Funny thing is, the recycling company does not accept phone books (unless I rip each page out, which I've been known to do).  So, I decided to make a new booster for B.  We will keep one in the car, too, for times when we're out and in need of a boost. It's the perfect size.    
What do you need?  
Non-skid fabric 
Remnant fabric
Velcro (optional, if you want to make it removable)  
Cut fabric to fit each size of the sides, leaving a seam allowance.  Sew together.  
Leave one end open to insert the book and add Velcro or slip stitch closed.   
Ta-da!  Booster seat, recycled phonebook... Lovely.  


Hang Tags - DIY

I love saving money.  I love trying to save the planet.  I needed a few hang tags for my Etsy shop.  Idea - how about recycling, reusing, upcycling, salvaging (whatever you want to call it, you get the point) - cereal boxes?!  
What you need: 
Paper punch
Cereal box 
Print on the backside, cut, punch, and ta-da!  Nice job - Just in time for Earth Day.


family photos

We've been meaning to get family photos taken since before December.  We finally decided to do it ourselves and see what the outcome would be.  The flowers are in full bloom and it was the perfect morning.  Here's a glimpse...

Beautiful Spring

I love Spring.  Here are a few photos from my view over the weekend...

Eggs anyone?

What's Easter without eggs, right?  N is allergic, therefore we opted for wooden eggs instead.  I think B could do this for hours.  
Maybe we'll do one each year for a basket full when they go on their own... I could go through our collection and reminisce.  


♻ reduce, reuse, recycle ♻

i finished a small assortment of the recycled items for my Etsy store.  i am happy with how each one turned out.  with the encouragement from e, i listed them today.  
with earth day approaching and the environment constantly tugging on my mind, i wanted to feature a few ♻reduce, reuse, recycle items♻ in my shop, what i use in my home.  i am interested in creating categories of housewares and accessories, not so baby or mom-related.  
i've made these baskets for our "stuff" - toys, blocks, magazine collections, etc.  we love them.  they are sturdy but soft and so versatile.  in the past, i had been buying so many baskets to keep us better organized - i liked this idea better.  
these upcycled baskets are made from a recycled coffee sack sourced from our local coffee house.  each is lined with reclaimed curtains, a soft and sturdy coffee dyed cotton with a thick linen weave.  each basket is made from recycled, repurposed materials... making them great upcycled products for the home.  
they hold such a variety of items - use your imagination.  we use these throughout our house.  the neutral colors are perfect to go with anyone's decor. 


In the works

I'm working on some Recycling projects.  I'm really excited.  It involves one of my favorite things - COFFEE.  Can't go wrong with that!  Just in time for Earth Day.

Pretty it up

Garage sale find, $5.  Let me tell you, we didn't buy it like this... it was UGLY.  It had a cartoon character on it that I despise so much I will not even type the name.  It was suppose to be cute, but it was not.  I can see past the yuck in a lot of things.  White step stools at Target run around $25 and Pottery Barn Kids $69.  Yes - I can look past the yuck.  My total cost to reinvent this into something suitable for our family?  $7.  Isn't it beautiful now?  


Indoor planting

My kids have been sick off and on - today is another one of those days.  Keeping them entertained while we're stuck inside has been a challenge.   Today we will plant.  B has been asking to plant flowers.  
As you can see, I have not been a good keeper of our Amaryllis bulb.  It's been sitting in our garage on a shelf for two years, but we will give it a try.  To keep the mess low - we will use the rocks and water method.  
Now we can watch it grow and discuss all the changes to come!  

Many Thanks...

My first order came in from my Etsy shop!  I was thrilled and touched when I saw my very first sale... from my cousin, Andrea.  She has been a lovely rain drop in my life and lifts me up when I need it.  Her order will include a "thank you" - a little kitchen towel I made just for her.  It's headed all the way to Alaska!  It has a long journey, so if you're reading this, Andrea - Surprise! 
Thank you to everyone who has emailed with warm good luck wishes.  Thanks for sharing in this fun endeavor.  It's a fun project to do while the kids are sleeping.  :-)  
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