Hang Tags - DIY

I love saving money.  I love trying to save the planet.  I needed a few hang tags for my Etsy shop.  Idea - how about recycling, reusing, upcycling, salvaging (whatever you want to call it, you get the point) - cereal boxes?!  
What you need: 
Paper punch
Cereal box 
Print on the backside, cut, punch, and ta-da!  Nice job - Just in time for Earth Day.


Rachael said...

You're totally creative. I just found the link back to your blog so now I'm following it. You're totally full of good ideas.

Jody Cooper Photography said...

Yes, you are very creative! I love seeing what you come up with! :)

The Cubs Cuties said...

LOVE it, LOVE it, J. You and your planet saving...it just may be contagious! :)

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