booster seat - covered phonebook

Another upcycling - repurposing project.  How many phone books does one house need?!  We get these delivered to our house all the time.  Funny thing is, the recycling company does not accept phone books (unless I rip each page out, which I've been known to do).  So, I decided to make a new booster for B.  We will keep one in the car, too, for times when we're out and in need of a boost. It's the perfect size.    
What do you need?  
Non-skid fabric 
Remnant fabric
Velcro (optional, if you want to make it removable)  
Cut fabric to fit each size of the sides, leaving a seam allowance.  Sew together.  
Leave one end open to insert the book and add Velcro or slip stitch closed.   
Ta-da!  Booster seat, recycled phonebook... Lovely.  


Rachael said...

That's awesome! I hate extra phone books! Cute fabric!!

kathleen said...

This is a fantastic idea and looks so great!

Jody Cooper Photography said...

What a great idea! :)

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