♻ reduce, reuse, recycle ♻

i finished a small assortment of the recycled items for my Etsy store.  i am happy with how each one turned out.  with the encouragement from e, i listed them today.  
with earth day approaching and the environment constantly tugging on my mind, i wanted to feature a few ♻reduce, reuse, recycle items♻ in my shop, what i use in my home.  i am interested in creating categories of housewares and accessories, not so baby or mom-related.  
i've made these baskets for our "stuff" - toys, blocks, magazine collections, etc.  we love them.  they are sturdy but soft and so versatile.  in the past, i had been buying so many baskets to keep us better organized - i liked this idea better.  
these upcycled baskets are made from a recycled coffee sack sourced from our local coffee house.  each is lined with reclaimed curtains, a soft and sturdy coffee dyed cotton with a thick linen weave.  each basket is made from recycled, repurposed materials... making them great upcycled products for the home.  
they hold such a variety of items - use your imagination.  we use these throughout our house.  the neutral colors are perfect to go with anyone's decor. 


lori vliegen said...

hi! i found you through "daily violets"...your blog is wonderful! i love your little buckets, and the idea of lining them with discarded curtains is very clever! :)

A "cheery" disposition said...

I love these!

Jody said...

You are so very creative.... I love it!

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