stash and hang

after reading another post by anna at door sixteen i was on the hunt to find a hook box by Luca Nichetto.  
i can usually hunt anything down, given a free moment, however this thing is not an easy find in the states and i am certain i became distracted along the way.  in my quest, i arrived at this wall pocket  option, which is simply down the road...


in the breeze

we are on the eve of a big winter storm, but i just love this vintage number.


measures of fun

how very cute is this tape measure mat {via viva terra $49}...

for the seamstress in all of us.



a while back i commissioned a mexico city artist to recreate my past...

there once was a time when there were just two {and a puppy named lucy}... simple.
what a fabulous valentine maybe? via rosiemusic


crayon hearts

this is nothing new in the crafting world, as a matter of fact, i was doing this the very day my then boyfriend, now husband was preparing my apartment to propose 9 years ago this month.  just remembering that day made me think how much 1 and 2 would like this craft.
what you need:

  • crumbled or shaved crayons
  • waxed paper
  • warm iron
  • scissors
  • string or thread
what you do:
  1. crumble and shave broken crayons {i say broken crayons because we have lots that nobody wants to use, so we use them for crafts like this}
  2. sprinkle onto waxed paper, either a sheet or a cut shape
  3. place another sheet of waxed paper over to create a sandwich
  4. iron on the lowest setting over the waxed paper sandwich
  5. cut into shapes
  6. hang by threading the shapes on string or thread using a needle
  7. enjoy the love
what valentine crafts will you create?
happy wednesday.



i do not buy many purses or totes, so it is a big deal {to me} when i do...  i love everything about this linen blend tote. our household is officially a diaper free zone, however this thing could hold anything.  i am still known to bring along a few wipes and extras so this has been fabulous.

via gap .


gifts for you gifts for me

now that the holidays are over, i can finally share a handful the gifts i gave this year. it was most certainly a handmade holiday at our house this year. i was so excited to give these gifts.

this stave stemware holder is hand-crafted from retired wine barrels and made to hold wineglasses on either side and a wine bottle. the curve of the stave is so beautiful and balances the wine glasses perfectly. we just fell in love with the concept of upcycling into this utilitarian design via Stave Creations .

and of course, i made a few pillows...

my mom picked out the fabric of the two gathered pillows and i threw in the accent.

the in-laws have an amazing living room with a rustic wood stove, leather furniture and red accents.
we thought our vintage wool pillows would make a great addition.

baskets were also given.  it was fun giving handmades this season. it will be a tradition worth continuing.
what handmades did you give?



grandma and grandpa payed us a visit for the new year.

we decided to make smores.




i am like the rest of the world, itching to organize my life and all the things in it, following the drop of the ball each new year.  the thing i can never find, even though i have many, are my scissors.

here is a quick and easy project to jump start your goals to be more neat and orderly.

what you need:

  • jar {glass, aluminum or whatever you have in your recycling bin should work}. 
  • sticky back foam sheets 
  • fabric {optional, if using a glass jar}
  • scissors 
  • washi tape or ribbon {optional} 

what you do:
  1. trace the bottom of the jar to cut two circles of foam and one circle of fabric
  2. stick the foam to the bottom of the jar, stick the other foam circle to the fabric circle and place in the inside bottom of the jar {this keeps it from sliding all around and protects your scissors or other things you toss in}
  3. embellish the rim 

happy weekend.
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