crayon hearts

this is nothing new in the crafting world, as a matter of fact, i was doing this the very day my then boyfriend, now husband was preparing my apartment to propose 9 years ago this month.  just remembering that day made me think how much 1 and 2 would like this craft.
what you need:

  • crumbled or shaved crayons
  • waxed paper
  • warm iron
  • scissors
  • string or thread
what you do:
  1. crumble and shave broken crayons {i say broken crayons because we have lots that nobody wants to use, so we use them for crafts like this}
  2. sprinkle onto waxed paper, either a sheet or a cut shape
  3. place another sheet of waxed paper over to create a sandwich
  4. iron on the lowest setting over the waxed paper sandwich
  5. cut into shapes
  6. hang by threading the shapes on string or thread using a needle
  7. enjoy the love
what valentine crafts will you create?
happy wednesday.

1 comment:

The Cubs Cuties said...

I'm so on this craft...the girls will love it. And yes, it's always a fun one. Love the comment about 9 years ago. Why is it that the years sometimes seem like they've been decades... Yikes. Heart ya, J.

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