bottled candy

gearing up for a new year's party?  these are super cute for kids of all ages...
what you need:
  • lots of candy
  • clear bottles and caps
  • paper - scrap book paper or wrapping paper or newsprint, whatever you have {you know the drill}
  • mod podge {of course, this is one of my favorite craft tools}
course of action:
  1. clean and dry all the bottles of their labels and contents {yum}
  2. mod podge a label to each bottle {for a christmas party our label read, wishing you the sweetest christmas}
  3. cut paper to fit the bottle case and mod podge in place, trim
  4. cap each bottle
  5. party
how much fun is this?!  we are doing this for our valentines this year, so tune in then, too!



my grandpa would have been proud...

mint chocolate chip ice cream, milk, peppermint sticks... blend, yum

oh christmas tree

or should i say, oh my, christmas tree?!
i let 1 and 2 decorate the cookies any way they wanted...
fun times... more is better, right?


deck the halls

we usually toss our holiday cards and photos into a basket or display a few on the fridge.  this year we are using our art-display in our little hall to display our cards.  i have never been known to leave well-enough alone, so i dressed up the clothes pins.

what you need:

  • mod podge
  • clothes pins
  • paper - scrapbooking paper, news print, photos, whatever you have

cut the paper to size and glue it on - that is all.  i also added a magnet the the back of a few to use on our fridge.  simple and easy - just my style.

what do you do with all the holiday cards arriving at your house this season?
same concept, but this time with letters... p e a c e
i roughed up the edges with sand paper and painted a bit of white to distress, then mod podged over the top.

just a reminder to myself during the crazy holiday season... p e a c e.  maybe it should say b r e a t h e?


more pine cones

i keep referring to this box of pine cones we collected while on holiday in wyoming... it is never ending, so we decided to glitter a few up and hang them on our tree.
what you need...
  • pine cones (duh)
  • glitter
  • mod podge (we like the one with glitter already in it, so it won't get in little ones' eyes by chance)
  • ornament hangers
  • hot glue gun 
  1. paint, paint, paint, each pine cone and let them dry (we dried our cones on waxed paper)
  2. glue a hanger onto the pine cone
  3. hang it on the tree
tah-dah!  that's all folks.


mint chocolate covered pretzels

need a last minute gift for the neighbors, your mail carrier, or something yummy for a holiday party?
these are super easy, quick, oh so yummy, and kind of cute 

mint chocolate covered pretzels
what you need:  

  • 1 bag large pretzel sticks 
  • 1 bag of andes crème de menthe baking chips  
  • 1 bag of andes peppermint crunch baking chips
  • waxed paper on a cookie sheet
  • cellophane wrap and washi tape 

melt the crème de menthe chips either on the stove or carefully in the microwave
sprinkle some peppermint chips on the waxed paper
dip the pretzel or drizzle the chocolate to cover the bottom 3/4 of the large pretzel stick
place on the covered pretzel on the sprinkled peppermint chips and sprinkle more peppermint chips over the pretzel 

i am not so patient, so I stick them in the freezer for a couple of minutes so I can wrap them and clean up 

  better taste one before they all go away... yum


i have had a lot...

...on my plate.  now it is time to play and get into the holiday spirit.


i am half japanese and keeping with my culture, for our wedding we folded 1,001 origami cranes... a labor of love {a tribute mostly to my late grandmother}.  so, i can only imagine origami for etsy, but these are beautiful.


pinecone wreath

we collected a box full of pine cones this summer during our trip out west, so i made this wreath this holiday season.

here is an easy tutorial to follow if you have desires to make your own, via V & Co .

what a hoot... more likes

these all would be such friendly gifts...  who wouldn't smile?
earth-friendly, too - made from recycled sweaters.
these could happily fly in a little ones room...
who knew a sweater could be so cute.  made from repurposed materials...
and this flock is just cute as can be...


i wish i had more than 24 hours in a day

i was just thinking this today...

via WilliamDohman
(made from recycled wood)


gorgeous... said best by the artist, luxurious and elegant.  made with pure organic cotton.
can anyone teach me to knit as beautifully?



need a little extra glow this winter?  this is beautiful.  crafted from retired oak wine barrels... what a fantastic design and concept.  oh - and check out their stemware holders.
makes me want to fly over to napa for the weekend.



holiday parties, hosting, gathering... this would be beautiful on any table.

via gleena{shop} on etsy
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