deck the halls

we usually toss our holiday cards and photos into a basket or display a few on the fridge.  this year we are using our art-display in our little hall to display our cards.  i have never been known to leave well-enough alone, so i dressed up the clothes pins.

what you need:

  • mod podge
  • clothes pins
  • paper - scrapbooking paper, news print, photos, whatever you have

cut the paper to size and glue it on - that is all.  i also added a magnet the the back of a few to use on our fridge.  simple and easy - just my style.

what do you do with all the holiday cards arriving at your house this season?
same concept, but this time with letters... p e a c e
i roughed up the edges with sand paper and painted a bit of white to distress, then mod podged over the top.

just a reminder to myself during the crazy holiday season... p e a c e.  maybe it should say b r e a t h e?


Mod Podge Amy said...

Those are awesome! Very cute.

The Cubs Cuties said...

Ooh...I LOVE LoVE LOVE these, J! I'm so doing it. And I want to do the art thing you did for B for the clothes pins, too... And I LOVE the peace w/ mod podge and paper...seriously, way cuter than any one I've seen in the store...and now I should have one that says...exercise...yikes.

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