house warming

Saying goodbye to a good friend isn't easy, but it's nice when you know they are starting a new and exciting chapter.  Waiting around to start your life isn't easy either, so I'm happy my girlfriend is moving on but, of course, I'm sad to see her go.  She is a truly good person and has welcomed me and B to this town with open arms.  She will be missed.  I sent them off with a small house-warming gift... a Farmer's Market Basket filled with the essentials to get them started in their new home 
(chocolate cake, chai latte - you know, the important things).


N - boy genius

Just a quick post to make sure you know I'm still here... I'm in the middle of a big painting project and I want to finish to get this monkey off my back!   

N is a toddler genius... not even two.  He put this puzzle together all by himself!  
Can you believe it?!  I know, the universities are lining up as we speak... 


mommy gifts

I decided to repackage my Urpies and Burpies in my Etsy shop.  Now they are the perfect gift sets with a matching wristlet.  I wish I had an expecting girlfriend!


farmer's market baskets

Time for Farmer's Markets, Flea Markets, Antiques and all the summer fun...


extra hands

So, I haven't blogged about products lately, but I thought this was "blog-worthy."  I talk about my two little sidekicks all the time.  Here's a sidekick for you... by kemby, the sidekick - duals as a diaper bag and a carrier.   And once you have two kids, you often daydream about what an extra set of hands would be worth, especially on the go... 
I can't leave out what I actually used A LOT with N (and actually still use every once in a while when he wants to be held all day).  My hotsling... love it.
Even comfy.  


mother's day flowers

Poppies... love them.  Had a lovely Mother's Day weekend, hope you did, too.  


stretch that wardrobe

B has a few dresses from the end of last season that are still so cute, but a little short.  Quick fix from Mommy - I added a hemmed, gathered band of a cute fabric to the bottom (straight stitch).  Tada!  Like-new dress, one more season.  Love it.  Oh- I've done this to a few tops and tanks, too - B is in love with dresses.  
P.S. - happy weekend to you!

flower headbands

Maybe you need a quick weekend project for fun?  I whip these cute headbands out for B whenever she needs a little something to make her wavy hair less crazy or a bland outfit more fun.  She loves them.  
What do you need?  
  • A flower - pretend, of course.  I go with felt or maybe a cute silk.  Buy or make your own.  You can cut felt out like a big flower, layer and add a button in the middle to hold it together.  
  • Ribbon - 14"
  • 1/4" Elastic - 4"
Sew the flower to the ribbon.  Sew (zig-zag stitch) the ends of the ribbon to the ends of the elastic.  Ta-da!  


Same baskets, different look

Adding more baskets - keeping things interesting around here...  with a variety of inserts. Some of the baskets feature a super sturdy, unbleached cotton canvas while others feature the dyed cotton curtain fabric.  I have made the large and small sizes, even bigger... leaving me with an extra small option.  So many options, so little time!  I love these so much, I was hesitant to add them to my Etsy inventory!  I must learn to share... or make more.  Let's make more...


it's raining, it's pouring

Rain outside means more fun inside.  
Museum time... isn't it beautiful?

it's raining, it's pouring

Rain outside means fun inside.  
Aquarium time...

love is...

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