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So, I haven't blogged about products lately, but I thought this was "blog-worthy."  I talk about my two little sidekicks all the time.  Here's a sidekick for you... by kemby, the sidekick - duals as a diaper bag and a carrier.   And once you have two kids, you often daydream about what an extra set of hands would be worth, especially on the go... 
I can't leave out what I actually used A LOT with N (and actually still use every once in a while when he wants to be held all day).  My hotsling... love it.
Even comfy.  

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Rachael said...

Oh you, I have a hotsling too! Twins again. But the other carrier I use is an ergobaby. I love it. It's really comfortable for mom and supposed to be the best for baby too!

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