flower headbands

Maybe you need a quick weekend project for fun?  I whip these cute headbands out for B whenever she needs a little something to make her wavy hair less crazy or a bland outfit more fun.  She loves them.  
What do you need?  
  • A flower - pretend, of course.  I go with felt or maybe a cute silk.  Buy or make your own.  You can cut felt out like a big flower, layer and add a button in the middle to hold it together.  
  • Ribbon - 14"
  • 1/4" Elastic - 4"
Sew the flower to the ribbon.  Sew (zig-zag stitch) the ends of the ribbon to the ends of the elastic.  Ta-da!  


Jody Cooper Photography said...

those are really cute Jody :) very nice!

Rachael said...

They are totally cute. I make Hazel flowers but I haven't made her headbands. And I like that the flowers are felt. Too cute!

Whimsy Antiques said...

Just like I said--the most creative person in Oklahoma! No contest!

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