My Favorites... Boppy Pillow & Rocking Chair

For the record - I breast fed my two babies... B for 17-months and N for 15-months.  I'm so proud of it... It was not always easy, but once again, I did it for my babies.  With a degree in Human Nutrition, I know how important it is for Baby and Mom - when it's possible.  
Two things I used more than anything... my Boppy Pillow and Best Chair rocker.  
I could not get by without my Boppy pillow.  I took that thing everywhere.  I sacrificed a carry-on while flying for the comfort of my Boppy.  It made feeding so much easier.  I LOVE my Boppy and even though I have my body back to myself, I still use it.  I rock N with my Boppy.  The covers from Pottery Barn Kids are the softest ever.  They are so soothing!  I'll just say it again, I love my Boppy!

The Best Chair rocking chair was my splurge purchase when I was pregnant with our first.  It was gift from my grandparents and it was the BEST gift ever.  I will use this long after my kids want to be rocked.  

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