i am crazy like that

a bit from our easter week...
we had a cookie decorating party with our friends... school friends, ballet friends... it was total mayhem, but we loved it. 

we made easter bags and treats for the easter party at school
bunny crackers, of course and egg cookies were on the menu
  we hunted for eggs... 4 times
 i made some decorations 
 how did i make it?  
jelly beans, stick, styrofoam ball, glue gun, 1 hour and a small bucket
hot glue the jelly beans to the ball, stick the stick into the ball and set up in the bucket {i used homemade playdough to stand it up}

 i covered the bucket with paper to match
 used the same paper to top these mason jars and filled each with candy 
{although i should have glued the lids shut... i couldn't keep my hands out of them}

so, i am crazy like that... i glued every little jelly bean onto that ball and invited 13 kids over to frost and decorate cookies... all for the joy of my children and to see them smile so big.  it was a fun week.


Karin said...

You are an awesome, awesome mom!!

Cynthia said...

I feel so inadequate. This is beautiful Jody! I know everyone had a lovely time. I want to come next year. Cynthia

The Cubs Cuties said...

Woo Hoo! A post from my FAVORITE mom in Oklahoma!! Missin' you so much and hopin' this summer gets here soon! Love the ideas...and yes, you are crazy! Heart ya!

Anonymous said...

Your babies are so lucky to have such a crafty mom!!!!

The Cubs Cuties said...

Okay, lady... I'm writing a comment so that you'll post again. Anything. Pictures, no words. Or words, no pictures. Anything. Missing you...

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