xo giveaway

this is a very unplanned, out of the blue, lat minute, fly by the seat of my pants kind of giveaway.  everyone who follows my blog or on twitter has been so kind and inspiring.  i just thought i would have a little giveaway for valentine's day.  enter to win a small brin & nohl xo coffee sack basket.  even though i am in my thirties, i still receive valentines.  this is a fun gathering basket for the occasion.
if you would like to enter, please leave a comment below by 8pm CST (make sure you leave your email address so i can contact the winner).  i will pick the winner this evening and have it to the post office tomorrow, just in time for valentine's day. xo.


mrs. olson said...

I'm sure I won't win being the first to comment but this is such a cute basket, I hope I do!!

OneMoreHound said...

A February Haiku:

Here comes Valentine's
With romantic surprises
And romance abounds!

Thanks for a great blog!

Christy said...

I love Brin & Nohl baskets! Great blog girl! ~Christy

carol c said...

that is darling.

wickel4@aol.com said...

love the xo basket Jody! soo cute!



jack + jenn said...

So cute! Love your stuff!

[jack + jenn]

Genesis said...

wow that is very pretty. good luck everyone!


Anonymous said...

I have just the spot for this very cool basket-right on top of my old library card catalog (we use it as a family/mail center). It's got black labels and your little basket would look great on top of it, next to our "mail slots." Too cute.

Lindsay said...

I love this basket! So cute... just like all the Brin & Nohl stuff! (And I'm 4 minutes before 8:00!

Monica N said...

Oh I hope this still counts, its 7:59! Love the basket, way too cute!

Hijiri said...

aww I can't believe I missed this... but just wanted to wish you guy a happy valentine's day!!


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