My new favorite things... Japanese Washi Tapes, more specifically, mt masking tape.  So simple, easy, lovely.  
I originally planned to use them to package my orders but now I think I will use them for many other things as well.  
First plan, some fun crafting with my little ones.  They are fantastic for all types of craft projects: card making, scrapbooking, decorating walls/doors, books, for letters, postcards, memos, wrapping presents.... the list is endless.  
You can write on this tape, stick it onto containers, plastic bags, paper or boxes. Wrapping, interior and collage projects will keep you busy with this fun tape.  It can be torn, so the kids won't ask for the scissors.  It does not stain after peeling off, the colors are so cute and there is a perfect degree of transparency from the rice paper.  The mt site says it best, these tapes have both sweetness and functionality.  
I love them.  

Here are a few resources.  You know, I love Etsy , so I ordered my tapes from Origamisan.   The arrived directly from Japan, quite quickly.  Fantastic customer service.  I have since found another economical resource as well, Ginko Papers.  I just love the name and the owner, manager, buyer, etc. is a woman and mother in California.  She has fantastic prices and a beautiful website.  
What will you craft or beautify with these fun Japanese tapes?

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Doreen said...

I just wanted to stop by and tell you that my bags arrived today and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!!! They are perfect. Thank you so much :)


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