Sandbox planter

We love being outside.  The kids love playing in the sand.  I hated making sure the sandbox cover was on each night and every time it rained.  My solution?  We converted one of the bigger planters into a sandbox.  
They loved digging in the planter's dirt anyway and now they don't get covered in sand from head to toe.  When I rains, the water quickly drains or if I remember I can slide it under the patio table.  Either way, it works.  It would be great solution for anyone with a small space to consider, too.  
It's been a nice alternative... and it still keeps the kids entertained.  Love it!

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The Nesset Family said...

What a great idea! You could even have them in different spots, like one for the front yard when you're out pulling weeds, etc. Then I wouldn't have to leave them alone in the back...thanks! :)

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