My Favorites... Bibs

In the beginning, I went through so many bibs that my babies used during meal-times.  These are the two brands I LOVE the very most... Bumkins and BabyBjorn.  
The Bumkins bib has an adjustable Velcro closure, is PVC, BPA, Phthalate & Vinyl Free, and they come in very cute fabrics.  My kids picked their own and went for Green Eggs and Ham.    Both have pockets to catch the bits that don't make it into their mouths.  Both are waterproof, which has saved a lot of clothing changes.  

The BabyBjorn bib was great because my daughter couldn't pull it off.   It comes in 4 different colors - bright red, ocean blue, spring green, sunflower, and pink.  We especially loved bright red. 

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The Nesset Family said...

Great idea! Especially for a baby shower gift. And the idea of them not being able to pull it off...that would mean no more oatmeal in the hair...so nice! Thanks!

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