I am Mom...

I did that?!  Five oddly-disgusting things we do as "Mommy" (you do it, but never thought you would)...
  1. Pick your baby up and sniff their bottom to see if it needs changed.
  2. During the "toddler-years" you will almost always head off to Target, Church, or a Play-date with some schmootz on your shoulder... it's your new accessory.  
  3. Pull the biggest boogers you've ever seen out of your child's nose - like you've done it for years, often without a tissue... where do I put it now?!  
  4. While changing a diaper, you think to yourself, "Ah Ha, there are the peas from last night..." 
  5. You try to catch vomit in your hands... yum.  
Motherhood is full of surprises.  

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